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Nowadays, awnings are being used by every other business in New Jersey and beyond. They are designed and installed to protect your store and your customers from the sun and the rain. As we know that the weather in New Jersey is unpredictable, and awnings can only provide a limited amount of protection to your store, that is the reason most businesses get vestibules. Vestibules are the permanent or seasonal enclosures that are installed at the main door of your store. It provides a separate entranceway to your store.

With years of experience, NJ Awnings has been manufacturing and installing vestibule enclosures for the businesses of New Jersey. Our vestibules offer protection to your building and your customers from the outside elements and they also offer a clean finished look. Vestibules help regulate the temperature inside the building acting as a block to the harsh climate.

Custom Vestibule Enclosure Made Just for You

Vestibules are very popular throughout New Jersey. They are being used by restaurants, cafes, and other businesses offering wind protection to the customers. They are also used in placing where opening and closing of doors is more frequent. So there are different types of vestibules used by different businesses depending on their purpose. They include:

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  • Plastic and PlexiGlass Vestibules:
    These types of vestibules are the most affordable ones. They work just like traditional vestibules but are made of plastic or plexiglass.
  • Sidewalk Vestibules:
    Sidewalk vestibules, as the name suggests, are installed on the sidewalk. Some restaurants use them for outdoor seating, or they are also used by small shops and pop-ups too.
  • Wind Blockers:
    Wind blockers are more like vestibules that are generally used. But they are not complete enclosures like vestibules. Their front is often open for people so that they can easily walk in and out. They are mostly used in events and tradeshows.
  • Temporary Enclosures:
    Some of the businesses only prefer the vestibules in winters when the wind is harsh. So at NJ Awnings, we can make and install these temporary enclosures for your restaurants or stores. And when the season has passed we can also uninstall them for you too so that you can keep them safe for the next winters.

Some Benefits of Vestibules For Your Businesses:

Vestibules are being used by different businesses differently some businesses get permanent enclosures at their doors and some businesses get them installed seasonally. Some of the benefits of vestibules include:

  • Add a waiting area outside a busy restaurant: Vestibules add a waiting space to your restaurant so that your customers won’t have to stand outside to wait for their turn.
  • Reduce heating/cooling costs: Adding a vestibule to your entranceway can also reduce your cooling and heating cost. As the doorway will be covered entirely warm or cold air won’t be able to come in and that will allow you to not spend your money on the heating and cooling system.
  • Expand your outdoor space: Vestibules expand your outdoor space. It adds a small room-type area that helps extend the area of your restaurant or store.
  • Protect your business from the elements: Getting a vestibule for your outdoors also helps to protect your customers and businesses from the elements like dust, wind, etc.
  • Draw attention to your business with eye-catching colors: You can also get your company logo printed on the vestibule that will not only attract more customers but will also brand your logo.
  • Designated smoking areas are more protected and separated: Vestibules also help make a designated smoking area in your building that is also safe for your customers and is not hazardous too.

Application Of Vestibules By Different Industries:

Vestibule enclosures are being used by many different industries for many different purposes. Here is how businesses are using them:

  • A sidewalk barrier is added to some stores to expand dining areas.
  • As winter enclosures for different restaurants
  • Valet enclosure for parking attendants so that their luggage can be kept there.
  • Wind blockers for sidewalk seating
  • Outdoor enclosures for offices and stores
  • Restaurant enclosure for the waiting area

And many more. Every different business has its way of using vestibule for its convenience and we at NJ Awnings can make any type of awning for you.

Vestibules Services That We Provide:

At NJ Awnings, we provide many different types of services relating to the vestibules and different types of awnings. These services include:

  • Vestibule Installation: NJ Awnings has a team of technicians who can easily install any type of awning or vestibule for you. As we have experience of many years, we have the tools and expertise for easy installation.
  • Vestibule Repair: Vestibules even though are made of strong materials can get damaged or break down over time. We have a team of technicians who can easily repair them for you.
  • Vestibule Removal: If you want to install a new vestibule and want to get rid of the old one we can do that for you and remove it for you.

Other than these we can also fabricate using any material or the graphic that you want.

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