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Awnings NJ is a full-service awning company. We serve our commercial and residential customers. We manufacture as well as install all types of awnings throughout New Jersey and beyond. We use the latest technology tools and make use of the highest quality products to make the best awnings for you whether it’s for your windows, doors, or patios. Our awnings can be seen in different industries like hospitality, real estate, healthcare, and retail all over New Jersey.

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Awning Shade System Fabricated To Your Needs

Get your Business Canopies and Awnings Customized and Manufactured in New Jersey. Since 1990, NJ Awnings has been fabricating and installing custom shade systems as per your needs. Some of our popular choices includes:

  • Storefront Awnings
  • Bank Awnings
  • Restaurant Awnings
  • Hospital Awnings
  • Custom Shade Structures
  • Architectural Awnings

New Jersey has the most inconsistent weather, one minute it is sunny, and then the next minute it starts raining, that makes shades a necessity there. So don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Our Commercial Awning Options

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Storefront Awnings

Fully customized awning for your storefronts. Get your awnings fabricated however you want.
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Patio Awnings

Durable awning for your patio and deck. Shade your furniture and sit outside to enjoy the weather.

Fabricating Awnings & Canopies in New Jersey

Commercial Awnings

Commercial Awnings

Commercial awnings help you attract the potential customers. They can perform dual functions, besides providing shade to your storefront, they can also act as a storefront sign if you get your logo or other business info printed on them.

We design, manufacture, and install awnings for, storefronts, restaurants, buildings, hotels, office buildings, and any other non-residential building type.

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Residential Awnings

Residential Awnings

Protect and beautify your homes with custom residential awnings for windows, patios, and decks. They add more living and provide space for outdoor entertaining, that enhances the look of your homes.

A perfect shade system to enhance your outdoor living and protection from direct UV sun-rays.


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Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awnings

Want to enjoy the rain by still being in shelter yourself? Simply push the buttons of your retractable awning and extend it to block out the rain or the sunlight from coming through your windows or roof.

Retractable awnings come in a variety of options. You can choose from different sizes to the color, fabric, and other specifications.

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Winter Vestibule Enclosures


Vestibules are a perfect way to protect the entrance of your homes or cafes with a temporary windshield. The main motive behind the installation of vestibules is to reduce the rate of air infiltration into space.

Vestibules also protect you from losing space that otherwise would have not been used due to cold air blowing through the area.

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