Commercial Storefront Awnings

Storefront Awning Signs and Canopies

Commercial awning and canopy is a great investment for your Business

A commercial awning looks like a practical purchase but it brings many benefits with it. It is a creative way to market your business and increase your profits without adding any traditional expense. Awning improves your visibility to the passersby as with the additional awnings installment it separates your store from the rest of the businesses around. Additionally, awnings increase the area of your store and provide you extra space to put more of your items on the display that will eventually lead to more sales.

Commercial Awnings help improve the exterior of your storefront while providing visibility with the other additional functions. Whether you want to create a safe place outside your restaurant for your customers to dine in or boost your exterior signage by getting your logo printed on the awning. With awnings come several possibilities that you can use them for. At NJ Awnings we create custom awnings and also install them for you at your storefront, door, windows, or any other area.

Commercial Awnings Improving Value of Your Business

As there are thousands of businesses nowadays, it is challenging to make your business stand out from others especially in New Jersey which is the commercial hub and where every other business has a unique storefront sign. So, to help you stand out from other businesses, we at NJ Awnings provide you with the solution of custom awnings for your storefronts. And they come with several benefits, including:

  • Promote Your Brand:
    As awnings are installed at the storefronts we can print your store logo at it to make it function as a storefront sign too this way not only will your storefront be protected, but the awning will advertise for you, saving you the cost of getting two signs.
  • UV Protection for your items:
    As awnings provide you extra space to your store, you can easily put your products outside your store, which will not only make your products more visible, but people who don’t want to go inside a store will be able to access your products from outside.
  • Shade:
    The main purpose of awnings is to get protection from rain as well as the sun. As the weather keeps fluctuating from being extremely hot to raining in minutes, in our area New Jersey providing shelter to our customers is a form of customer service.
  • Low Energy Cost:
    Awnings also help lower the energy cost for you. When the sun will not directly come through your windows and door that will help maintain the temperature of your store, which in turn will save you from getting a cooling system for your store.
  • Noticeable from Afar:
    As awnings are huge signs that are easily noticeable even from afar, people who would want to buy an item that you sell at your store will notice your store even from far away and will come to you without you putting any additional effort.
  • Protection:
    As we know, the weather in New Jersey gets from sunny to frightening in seconds. So, having awnings over your windows and doors will protect your store and you from damage and noise. And with that, they will also help provide protection to the people passing by.

Types of Commercial Awnings That We Provide In New Jersey

Awnings come in many different sizes. There is no size limit when it comes to awnings. They can be as small as 25 inches or even smaller than that or very large. The size of the awnings all depends on the size of your doors and windows. We manufacture your awnings keeping in mind your business and your specific requirements. Here are the types of commercial awnings that we make at NJ Awnings:

  • Retractable Awnings
    As most of the awnings can adhere to harsh weather but when it gets extreme it can be difficult for the awnings to withstand it, so retractable awnings come in handy at that time. You can even close them and store for later.
  • Window Awnings
    Awnings are not just made for the doors, they are made for the windows too. Window awnings can be beneficial in making your store more energy-efficient, and that will help you brand your store too. They can also protect your store from direct sunlight.
  • Cooley Awnings
    These are specific types of backlit awnings. The fabric of these awnings lights up in the night that creates vibrant colors that are noticeable from afar. They are long-lasting awnings and provide excellent protection from the elements.
  • Vestibules
    Vestibules are also known as seasonal enclosures. They add extra space outside your door that can give extra protection to your store in winters as well as in summers, so that cold or hot air cannot enter the space which also helps reducing energy costs.

Some Specification of Our Storefront Awnings

All of the awnings that we make are of the best quality products. We use premium quality materials to make long-lasting awnings that will keep your stores protected for many years if they are well maintained. Our awnings are also available at a lower cost as compared to our competitors. Some of the awnings materials that we use are:

  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Aluminum

You can get any material from these depending on the weather conditions of your area and your budget.
At NJ Awnings we can also create updated awnings that look the same as your old ones but with a new creative design. Other than the material you can also get other customizable options like:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Design

We can create an awning that is completely covered with your logo repeated on it, or we can print it on the front so that it is visible from far away. Or we can also create an eye-grabbing design that will catch the attention of customers.

We have different types of awnings available. If you have a different design that is not listed here you can contact us and let us know about your specifications, and we will let you know if we can manufacture it for you.

Our Installation Service:

At NJ Awnings, not only do we manufacture custom awnings for our customers but we also offer installation services in New Jersey. Not only do we provide installation services for our awnings but we also can install awnings that are not manufactured by us. As they are complex to install we acquire all the tools and machinery to install them for you. You can let us if you require our installation services and we can schedule them as quickly as possible for you.

How to Order Your Storefront Awning from Us?

NJ Awnings is an awning manufacturing and installation company in New Jersey.  We offer commercial awnings, vestibules, retractable awnings, and Cooley awnings design to our customers. We offer our awnings in a cost-effective manner that will get you your desired awning without hurting your budget in any way. Want to print your logo or get a colorful awning, contact us at now!
As awnings are installed at the storefronts we can print your store logo at it to make it function as a storefront sign too this way not only will your storefront be protected, but the awning will advertise for you, saving you the cost of getting two signs.

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